Raya Murphy Fundraiser

Raya Murphy is the three year old boss of the Murphy household which includes her Dad, former Senior Footballer and member of our Club – Brian Murphy, her Mum Paula and her adorable big sister Amy.

Raya is energetic, inquisitive and full of fun like any three year old.
She has also been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and so must face some challenges.
To help with her movement and coordination a rehabilitation bike, Motomed Bike, was recommended and the family are currently hiring this on a monthly basis and are seeing results.

As with all our members we would like to help them with their goal which is to purchase a Motomed Bike as Raya will need this long term and so we are holding a disco on 16th December here in the Complex.

“Twinkle Twinkle, with an 80s Sprinkle!”

It’s a Christmas Disco with a sprinkle of 80s.
Girls Night Out, Lads Night Out, Christmas Party, everyone is very welcome.
Glitz and glam or Christmas Jumper – you decide!

Tickets at €15 includes drinks reception, finger food and a great Door Prize!

Please help us spread the word and watch out for more details.
Thank you.