Message from Club Chairman

As you may be aware the Executive Committee recently approved a proposal that we future proof the Club by looking at the leasing of additional lands to, cater for the growing numbers underage and to mitigate the demand on our current pitches particularly during periods of inclement weather.

I am delighted to announce that we recently concluded negotiations with Michael & Eileen Mc Carthy for the lease of an additional 8 acres adjoining our current Complex. The land which is of sufficient size to accommodate 2 full size playing pitches, runs parallel to the Ballyduvane and Ahamilla pitches.

While we haven’t as yet marked out pitches or erected Goalposts, the area is now open and available for use for training and will be used for all overflow car parking. Pedestrian access to the new training areas is from the amenity walk at the scoreboard and the area has its own entrance for vehicles from the public road.

I would like to thank all those within our Club who assisted in making this possible and in particular John Collins who has done great work in preparing the grounds. A very special thanks to Michael & Eileen for being so accommodating.

Mise Le Meas

Ger Mc Carthy