Message re Cork U20 Football Semi – Final

Munster Council has taken over the running of Cork U20 Championship game on Friday. We have been asked to provide Stewards for parking/traffic duty only. At their request, I had to submit a list of Club volunteer. This list was based on those who responded to that text message I sent last week. This list is currently over subscribed and all Stewards required have now been notified of their roles for the evening.

The Gym will be closed and all other activities suspended from 4pm.

It seems to me that the Munster Council again, never miss an opportunity to overlook the fact that clubs are totally dependent on volunteerism and again taken the short term gain by deciding to charge our members attending the game.

This is something I totally disagree with and have made my views known with no effect.

I very much regret that this is the situation.

Best regards,