Clonakilty: U12 Hurling vs Eire Og

Match Type: League

Date & Time: August 1st 2020, 12:00 pm

Location: Ahamilla

Outcome: lose

Score: 1:04 vs 2:07

Match Report:
The game proved to be a significant step up in hurling opposition. Eire Og are a well-coached, hardworking team with a number of very skilful individual players, particularly at midfield. They won Premier 2 at U12 in 2019.
Eire Og started the game very well scoring 2-3 in the first 10 minutes. Immediately on the back foot, Clonakilty appeared in big trouble. However, to their credit, they allowed only 4 more points to be score (2 from frees) during the remaining 40 minutes. Eire Og used a 3-man mid-field which put huge pressure on Illan Smith and Ben Coffey. Both individually and collectively their defence was very difficult to break down. Their players were excellent at tracking back into defence when Clonakilty were in attack making reachable scoring chances hard to come by. Clonakilty gradually found their form and got back into the game before half-time. Switching Ben Coffey to centre-back and bringing Jack Byerley off the bench had an immediate impact at half-time. Clonakilty scored a superb goal (Emmet Nolan) early in the second half followed had a 10-minute period of dominance. James Costello and Emmet Nolan both suffering significant injuries during play which broke the momentum. However, Eire Og’s lead was never under serious threat and they finished strongly in the last 5 minutes with additional points from frees. Stand out performances from Ben Coffey, Eanna Deasy, Eoghan Minihan, Conor O’Gorman and Jack Byerley auger well for future games.

Half-time score: Clonakilty 0-1 Eire Og 2-5
Full-time score: Clonakilty 1-4 Eire Og 2-7

Team 1-15: Fionn Gilmore, Eoghan Minihan, Michael Francis Collins, Eanna Deasy, James Maguire, James Costello, Conor O’Gorman, Illan Smith, Ben Coffey, Christos Delis, Emmet Nolan,Peadar Dinneen, Christopher Harrington, Tomás Fitzpatrick, Isa Khan
Subs at half-time: Jack Byerley (replaced Christopher Harrington), Finn O’Mahony (replaced James Maguire), Fionn O’Donovan (replaced Isa Khan)