Clonakilty: U12 Hurling vs Kilbree

Match Type: League

Date & Time: August 3rd 2020, 7:30 pm

Location: Ahamilla

Outcome: win

Score: 2:11 vs 2:09

Match Report:
This was a cracking, highly entertaining game of hurling where the outcome was in doubt until Tomás Fitzpatrick converted a series of pressurised long range frees. Harry Mulcahy captained the team. Kilbree were well coached highly competitive in all areas of the pitch. Clonakilty's midfield pairing of Michael Francis Collins and Conor O'Gorman imposed themselves on the game in the first half. The second half saw Clonakilty's back four heroically defend to prevent near-certain scoring opportunities. Conor O'Gorman was superb in goal producing a number of point blank saves and delivering accurate long-range puck outs. Calum McLelland scored a close range goal in the second half which gave Clonakilty a boost. Christos Delis energised the forwards in the second half with clever passing. Fionn Gilmore played to the end despite a series of injuries sustained during highly contested midfield one-on-one tussles for the sliotar. Shourya Malik's game ended after a forearm injury. Kilbree upped the ante and drew the game in the last 6 minutes. Clonakiltyu2019s back line trio of Christopher Harrington, Lennart Lindenfeld and Finn O'Mahony bravely averted numerous attacks. The last minutes of the game proved to be a showcase of Tomás Fitzpatrick's skills with a run of converted long range frees that any adult player would be proud of. There was little between the teams but Clonakilty inched 2 points ahead at the very end in a game where a draw would have been a fair result.

Half-time score: Clonakilty 2-03 Kilbree 0-05
rnFull-time score: Clonakilty 2-11 Kilbree 2-09

Team 1-15: Peadar Dinneen, Lennart Lindenfeld, Christopher Harrington, Finn Ou2019Mahony, Harry Mulcahy, Michael Francis Collins, Alex Aherne, Fionn Gilmore, Conor O'Gorman, Fionn O'Donovan, Tomu00e1s Fitzpatrick, Calum McLelland, Shourya Malik, Louise Kelleher, Etaoin Mulcahy
Subs at half-time: Christos Delis (replaced Louise Kelleher), James Deegan (replaced Shourya Malik), Cathal O'Donovan (replaced Etaoin Mulcahy)